Experienced surfers may enjoy surfing south of the condo at the entrance to the Langosta Estuary, the north end of Tamarindo Beach, or surfers and beach combers alike can hop in a speed boat for a quick trip across the Tamarindo Estuary to the beginning of Playa Grande.

Playa Avellanas (35 min. drive south of Playa Langosta) is also a surfer favorite. Stop at Lola’s after a day in the water for good food and relaxation.

If you need a board, there are plenty of surf rental stores at the north end of Tamarindo Beach. Prices can be a bit higher in high season, but as an example, Matos Surf Shop and Surf School charges $7 per day for a board or $10 per day if you want to keep the board overnight so that you are able to surf first thing in the morning. If you are paying
much more than that for a board, you are being overcharged.

If you are new to surfing and/or have a small child that wants to learn to surf, consider a first-time lesson at Capitan Suizo. Capitan Suizo has a water sports desk near their hotel pool and the concierge can arrange a surf lesson with board included. The south end of Tamarindo beach has easier waves and tends to be less crowded, making it perfect for any beginners. If you or your little one decides that surfing is not their sport, you can return the board easily and enjoy lunch on the beach at Capitan Suizo’s restaurant.

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Photo by Pixabay